11 8 / 2014


Two new items in Nostalgia Bomb Studios etsy shop! Skyfire body pillow case and character keychains (also available as phone charms).

All art by me~

Hey folks! We’re finally getting some of our backlog of products up in the shop!

Keychains/phone charms are here!
Charm necklaces are here!
Skyfire body pillowcases are here!

The character charms are printed on the same sturdy acrylic as the cassetticon and Soundwave charms we offer already, and professionally die-cut for clean edges. As always, the body pillows are printed on cotton poplin for a bright, crisp design and backed in soft flannel for huggability!

08 7 / 2014

TFCon is coming up fast! We’re hard at work here in the studio getting the last of our stock prepped; check out these sweet new keychains and cell phone charms! This is the first year the Soundwave and Cassetticon charms will be available as anything other than jewelry, and the character charms in the front are brand new for this con!

See you this weekend in Toronto, everyone!

01 7 / 2014

Nella and Dirge have been spending a lot of time in our local copy shop prepping stuff for TFCon. Totally worth it!

28 6 / 2014


There. I sent in for it yesterday.

I have made a note to myself to not spend so much time coloring these, as it probably shouldn’t be taking me weeks to finish a picture. However, after noting this, I realized that most pictures aren’t 22inches by 54inches at 300 dpi, meaning it has to not only look good as a whole but look good when you’re zoomed so far in that all you can see is a black line and some purple.

I still spend too long.

More upcoming merch for TFCon! We’re going to have a lot of fun new stuff in Toronto this year!

21 6 / 2014




Doing some cute pencil cases for TF con this year! I’ll be there with Nostalgia Bomb Studios and I know these pics are low quality but I’m excite. :3;;

Nella will probably grab some nice pics later for the official tumblr ;;

She also stole the Drift one so uh that’s not pictured here. Just Optimus, Starscream, and Knockout so far.

Ohh are those for TF con in Chicago? Cause I will buy the shit outta those

Heck yes, they’ll be at both TFcon Canada and Chicago! <333

I will grab better pics of these later but for now, have this preview of our new pencil cases, premiering at TFCon Toronto next month!!

(via mars-maggie)

08 4 / 2014

Some of the great costumes we saw around the con last weekend!

04 4 / 2014

All set up and ready at STL Comic Con!  Come and see us at Artist Alley booth B23!!

All set up and ready at STL Comic Con! Come and see us at Artist Alley booth B23!!

30 3 / 2014

Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con starts next Friday and Nostalgia Bomb Studios will be there! Come see us, we’ll have all these great fandom and original jewelry designs by Nella, and much much more!!

28 3 / 2014

Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con starts in a week and Nostalgia Bomb Studios will be there! Come see us, we’ll have these great fluffy animal hats and more!

09 1 / 2014

If you’re a St. Louis local like we are, and happened to be watching Fox 2 or KPLR11 last night, you might have seen Nostalgia Bomb Studios on TV! NBS creative contributor and co-founder Saeru (Maggie Duckworth) was one of more than 200,000 applicants to the Mars One project and is now one of only about 1,000 people to advance to the second round of the selection process. Reporter Patrick Clark came out to interview Saeru for a profile on the local news, and spotlighted our shop a little bit as well. Unexpected, but super-neat!

Click on the link above if you want to see us (yes, all three of us!) on TV!!

If you have any interest in space exploration, Saeru very much encourages you to check out the Mars One project. Right now they’re soliciting contributions to launch an unmanned Mars lander and they really need help getting their funding! They’re also taking donations through their main website; or if you’d like a little more bang for your buck, check out the official Mars One merchandise shop.

If you want more updates on Saeru’s involvement with the project, follow her on Twitter and Tumblr. And keep watching this space for some new Mars-themed products, coming soon!